Welcome to Summer's Solace!

Founded in December of 2014 by the hangout community, we originally based off the now deceased Lords Of Minecraft server. In November 2016, we moved to our own server, and began to grow even more. Over the years many have come and gone, but we always welcome new company.

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1~Refer to common internet etiquette (Don't be a dick; ie Wheaton's Rule).
2~Do not spam the forums with nonsense posts or clog up the wiki submissions with multiple copies of your submission.
3~Keep forum posts to their respective categories. Do not post meme threads in the lore category or story category.
4~Don't metagame or Powergame, please. This is defined as using information you acquired from scanning the wiki, which your character does not know.

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Staff And Contributors

~Chez (CheezeIsMyJam), Pays for the Server, Server Dev

~Ruby (Maerwen_), Head Admin, Lore Writer

~Shovel (Merchant_Waifu, FickleGnomeTree), Co-Head Admin, Lore Writer, Texture Pack Maker

~Tolvan (Tolvan, Councilor_No_IV, Surandir, Alain_Llewellyn, Larian_Vallandor), Admin, Lore Writer, Mediator

~Poptart (LinchoYkpz), Admin, Lore Contributor

~Jared (Kaeden_Dayne, Elise_Siris), Moderator, Lore Contributor

~Rykean (Rykean, Lynxle), Moderator, Lore Contributor

~Lyra (LyrantheCVRogers, ArysseStello), Site Administrator & Dev

  And a special thanks

Peter - Culling Lyra's stupidity + forum testing
Ash - Emotional support + getting Lyra to sleep
Ben - Cleaning up the site despite not being part of the community

to all of those who help to sort out and read through lore contributions.

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